Shanghai Bao Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.

Founded in December 2019 with a registeredcapital of RMB 37 million, Shanghai Bao Pharmaceuticals is a biopharmaceutical companyintegrating drug R&D and production. The Company has 37000 m2 of land inLuodian Industrial Park, Baoshan District, designated for construction ofcommercialization facilities in line with GMP requirements and suitable forproducing complex biological products including recombinant protein drugs. Witha total investment of over RMB 900 million, the new project’s gross floor areais about 75,000m2, including 16,000m2 of mammalian expression recombinantprotein drug substance workshop, 11,000m2 of microbial expression recombinantprotein drug substance workshop, 2,300m2 of drug product workshop, 3,200m2 ofquality inspection center, 6,400m2 of warehouse, and more than 6,000m2 ofR&D center. The construction project has been commenced now, and will beput into operation within 2 years.

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Our vision is to become a leading company with differential advantages in the biopharmaceutical industry and a unicorn in the niche market by tackling key technological problems and developing next-generation biopharmaceuticals.

Shanghai Bao Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. focuses on the development and commercialization of recombinant protein drugs and antibody drugs. We are currently building a modern GMP-compliant biopharmaceutical industrialization base with a total investment of more than RMB 900 million in Luodian Industrial Park, Baoshan District, Shanghai. According to the design, the base will have multiple drug substance production lines for mammalian cell expression system and Escherichia coli/yeast expression system, covering drug product lines of aqueous solution for injection, lyophilized powder for injection and pre-filled disposable injection. It is expected that the first phase of the project will be put into operation within 2 years .